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        DTM precision digital thermometer

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        DTM precision digital thermometer is a single / dual-channel PRT / SPRT high-precision thermometer. The portable thermometer is light in weight and small in size. Its accuracy reaches ± 0.006 ℃ and can be traced back to national standards. The thermometer has built-in ITS-90 temperature scale formula, industrial platinum resistance, RTD polynomial, standard platinum resistance formula (Rtp, A4, B4, A8, B8 and other parameters), which is convenient for direct conversion to temperature for display without manual calculation. You can also directly display the resistance value.


        Data statistics and recording function

        ● The thermometer has two built-in sampling channels, the sampling speed is fast, and the sampling time is as short as 0.1S

        ● Both dual-channel simultaneous display and itinerant display

        ● Can display the operation results, such as: the difference between channels, the size value, etc .;

        ● One key to switch the display mode: resistance / temperature

        ● It can be connected to U disk, and the data can be stored in U disk in XLS form.

        Sensor management function

        ● Support up to 10 SPRT, 10 PT100 sensor parameter management.

        ● Import / export function of batch standard platinum resistance and industrial platinum resistance parameters.

        ● The sensor parameters can be quickly switched.

        ● Battery-powered for easy on-site use, optional software.

        ● Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, easy to carry to the site, 4 hours charging time, can be used for 120 hours.

        Technical Parameters

        DTM Series standard precision digital thermometer

        Overview: DTM series standard precision digital thermometer adopts advanced temperature measurement technology, combines the actual requirements of temperature measurement and measurement applications, and is widely applicable to precise temperature measurement in laboratory and industrial processes.

        Technical specifications and parameters 



        Resistance measuring range


        Resistance display resolution


        Temperature measuring range


        Accuracy of resistance measurement

        ±(0.0010%RD + 0.0005%F.S.) (24 hours)
        ±(0.0020%RD + 0.0005%F.S.) (one year)

        Accuracy of temperature measurement

        ± 0.003 @ -100℃;± 0.004 @ 0℃;
        ± 0.005 @ 100℃; ± 0.006 @ 200℃;
        ± 0.007 @ 300℃; ± 0.008 @ 400℃;
        ± 0.009 @ 500℃; ± 0.010 @ 600℃.

        Functional characteristics

        1. High precision temperature measurement
        2. Read high resolution data, eight high-brightness display
        3. With four wire measurement method
        4. Intuitive readings, it can display celsius, kelvin, Fahrenheit temperature and resistance
        5. Wide measuring range, measured 25 Ω and 100 Ω platinum resistance temperature sensor
        6. Can store a set of Pt100 parameters Pt25 and three groups
        7. Can store a set of calibration parameters and two sets of temperature correction
        8. support sensor parameters input, instrument calibration, temperature correction
        9. Comply with ITS - 1990 international temperature scale
        10. Conforms to the international standard IEC - 751
        11. With RS232 communication interface, it can communicate with the upper computer to realize data reading and system setting

        DTM precision digital thermometer
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