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        DTWH handheld multi-channel thermometer

        DTWH handheld multi-channel thermometer

        DTWH handheld multi-channel thermometer

        Multi-channel temperature and humidity calibratorStandard platinum resistance temperature calibrator

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        DTWH handheld multi-channel thermometer is a high-precision digital temperature and humidity thermometer, which can be used to accurately measure the relative humidity and temperature of the environment. The management system performs display analysis.


        ? The probe of this product can be connected to a high-precision temperature sensor with fast response, which can quickly and accurately measure.

        ? It can display the measured relative humidity value and temperature value at the same time.

        ? This product has an accuracy of ± 1.5% RH / 0.8% RH in the entire humidity measurement range.

        ? The accuracy of this product is ± 0.1 ℃ in the whole temperature measurement range.

        ? This product has a resolution of 0.001 ° C and 0.01% RH.

        ? This product has wireless data transmission function, which can transmit data to PC.

        ? This product is equipped with management software, which can support up to 32 calibrators for simultaneous data collection.

        ? This product can record the time of measurement results.

        ? This product has a zero mark function to measure the humidity fluctuation.

        ? This product has an automatic breathing screen function. The user only needs to charge the battery once a month within the limited charging cycle and frequency of use and functions.

        ? Large-screen LCD with backlight.

        ? Lithium battery can be recharged, and the charging interface is micro USB port (common with Android phone interface)

        ? Ultra-low power consumption, can be used continuously for 48 hours on a single charge.

        ? With battery power indication function.

        Technical Parameters

        Ambient temperature23℃±5℃
        Environment humidityRelative humidity 0% to 95% RH (no condensation)
        Temperature measurement range?80℃ ~320℃
        Humidity measurement range0% RH ~ 100% RH
        Temperature accuracyBetter than 0.1℃
        Humidity accuracyBetter than 1.5% RH
        Temperature resolution0.001℃
        Humidity resolution0.01% RH
        Probe response time τ63<12S
        Working temperature of wireless communication module?10℃~ 50℃(14℉~122℉)
        Wireless communication transmission distanceUnobstructed about 50m
        Thermometer storage temperature range?20℃~60℃(?4℉~140℉)
        Shell gradeIP50
        Main machine temperature coefficient<1ppm/℃
        Data storage capacity8GB
        Power supply3.7V lithium battery
        Charger output voltage5V 1000mA
        Charging cut-off voltage4.19V
        Battery LifeNot less than 2000 charge and discharge cycles
        Battery capacity6800mAH
        Host size (mm)202 (L) X98 (W) X44 (T)
        Host weight305g
        Probe size (mm)φ15x83
        Probe weightAbout 10g
        Probe materialPolycarbonate

        DTWH handheld multi-channel thermometer

        Selection description:

        DTWH series handheld multi-channel temperature and humidity calibrators use PT100 temperature sensor for temperature measurement, and Rotronic high-precision humidity sensor for humidity measurement, except for DTWH-PT25, which uses standard platinum resistance thermometer (PT25) Temperature measuring sensor, and has supporting special data correction software.

        Selection specification table:

        Product nameModelNumber of temperature channelsHumidity channelsAccuracy
        Handheld multi-channel temperature and humidity calibratorDTWH-01/1<±1.5%RH、<±0.1℃
        DTWH-PT25  <±0.1℃
        DTWH handheld multi-channel thermometer
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