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        DTR-700/DTR-1200 black body radiation source

        DTR-700/DTR-1200 black body radiation source

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        1. The emissivity of DTR-700/DTR-1200 black body radiation source is as high as 0.998;

        2. The opening is 50mm, which satisfies the calibration of most D: S thermometers.

        3. The temperature control stability is not more than 0.3 ℃ / 10min. During the period when the blackbody radiation source is stabilized, the standard radiation thermometer monitors the target bullseye reading curve as a horizontal curve.

        4. The effective temperature field reaches 40mm and the uniformity is good, 0.2 ℃ @ φ30mm @ 1200 ℃, 0.5 ℃ @ φ40mm @ 1200 ℃.

        5.The controller uses imported European brand 3504, 16 points correction, high temperature control accuracy.

        6.The heating rate, the whole hundred points of heating and stabilizing time is about 30min, to improve work efficiency.

        7. Good repeatability, test is less than ± 0.25 ℃

        8. Controller with touch screen with 40-minute heating curve record.

        Technical Parameters

        Operating temperature50~700℃300~1200℃
        Cavity diameterΦ50mmΦ50mm
        EmissivityBetter than 0.998Better than 0.998
        Temperature stabilityThe greater of 0.1% t or 0.1 ℃
        The greater of 0.1% t or 0.1 ℃
        UniformityThe greater of 0.15% t or 0.15 ℃
        The greater of 0.15% t or 0.15 ℃
        ControllerContinental 3504
        Power supply220VAC,2P,13A220VAC,2P,18A
        PowerAbout 3KWAbout 4KW
        Ambient temperature5~40℃5~40℃
        WeightAbout 35KgAbout 40Kg
        DTR-700/DTR-1200 black body radiation source
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