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        DTR-50N black body radiation source

        DTR-50N black body radiation source

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        1. Spherical blackbody radiation source with a high emissivity of 0.998

        2.The opening is 50mm, which satisfies the calibration of most D: S thermometers.

        3.There is a dew condensation device to effectively prevent dew condensation, and it can work for a long time.

        4. Good uniformity, good repeatability and good temperature control stability.

        DTR-50N black body radiation source technical parameters

        Operating temperature-50℃~100℃


        Cavity diameterΦ50mm
        EmissivityBetter than 0.998
        Temperature stability0.1℃/10min
        Repeatability <0.3℃
        ControllerContinental 3504
        Power supply220VAC,18A
        PowerAbout 4KW
        Ambient temperature5~40℃/Constant temperature environment
        WeightAbout 120Kg
        DTR-50N black body radiation source
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