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        DTZ-400 surface thermometer calibration system


        DTZ-400 surface thermometer calibrationsystem 


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        The DTZ-400 surface thermometer calibration system is mainly used to calibrate surface sensors of various sizes and types, such as thermistors, thin film sensors, surface resistance thermometers, ribbon sensors, surface thermocouples, etc. The product is composed of a controller and a heater. It is easy to operate, intuitive to display, and can be heated simply by setting the temperature. The temperature rises quickly, and the multi-stage PID temperature control is accurate. The effective use range is up to 130mm in diameter, and has a communication interface that can communicate with a computer. This product can be used as a calibration source for thermal imaging cameras with slight changes.


        Temperature range: 35 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ / 50℃~500℃

        Large calibration plane: the calibration plane has a diameter of 130mm, and can calibrate various types of surface-mount temperature sensors

        Accurate and reliable: accuracy ±0.5℃@200℃, ±1.0℃@400℃

        Rapid temperature rise: from room temperature to 400 ℃ for 30min

        High stability: ±0.3℃@300℃, ±0.4℃@400℃

        Stabilization time: only 8min to stabilize

        High resolution: resolution is 0.01 ℃

        Portable and reliable: the whole machine weighs only 3.5KG, easy to carry

        Multi-segment temperature control: Built-in multi-segment PID can realize segmented temperature control, small overshoot and overshoot, rapid temperature rise, and small temperature control fluctuation

        Communication function: RS-232 standard interface, can read and control the temperature of the calibration system

        ◆ Calibration temperature can reach 400 ℃

        DTZ-400 surface temperature calibration system has a good temperature rise and fall speed, from room temperature to 400 ℃, it takes 30 minutes, from 400 ℃ to room temperature, it takes 55 minutes, with rapid cooling device only 50 minutes, greatly improved work efficiency.

        ◆ The diameter of the calibration plane reaches 130 mm, which can meet the calibration needs of most surface temperature sensors

        The surface diameter of the DTZ-400 surface temperature calibrator reaches 130mm, enough to calibrate surface sensors of various sizes and types, such as thermistors, thin film sensors, surface resistance thermometers, ribbon sensors, surface-mount thermocouples, etc.

        ◆ External reference platinum resistance thermometer can be installed to reduce the uncertainty of calibration

        In order to achieve the ultimate calibration accuracy, the design engineer reserved a thermometer socket at the bottom of the aluminum surface. A platinum resistance thermometer with a diameter of 5mm can be inserted as a standard instrument for comparison and calibration, which greatly improves the calibration accuracy.

        ◆ Excellent temperature uniformity and surface finish of the calibration plane

        Surface sensors are often difficult to calibrate because it is difficult to find a flat, uniform surface temperature source. The DTZ-400 surface temperature calibration system uses aluminum material as the surface and has a high finish. It can ensure that the sensor being calibrated has good contact with the surface temperature calibrator, thereby reducing the calibration uncertainty. DTZ-400 uses special heating materials and constant temperature structure, the surface temperature is more uniform.

        ◆ Accurate and stable temperature control, small overshoot temperature

        The device provides a variety of parameter options for users to choose, including setting the PID parameters of three different temperature ranges of high, medium and low, the inflection point between different temperatures, alarm temperature and so on.

        ◆ Portable and easy to use

        The whole machine weighs only 3.5kg, compact and portable.

        Technical Parameters

        Model  DTZ-400 DTZ-400B
        Temperature range35℃-400℃50℃~400℃/50~500℃
        Calibration plane diameter130mm
        Uniformity0.4℃@35~ 100℃ ,0.8℃@100~300℃,1.2℃@300~400℃
        Volatility(10min)0.2℃@35~ 100℃,0.4℃@100~300℃,0.8℃@300~400℃
        Heating timeRoom temperature ~400℃ 30minRoom temperature ~600℃   50min
        Cooling time400℃~Room temperature (Equipped with rapid cooling device takes only 50min)
        Stability time8min8min
        Display resolution0.01℃
        Power supply220VAC/50HZ/800W220VAC/50HZ/1200W
        Communication InterfaceRS-232
        Sensor typeAA Level Pt100
        Heating furnace size(mm)280 (L)×270 (W) ×190 (H)
        Controller size(mm)218 (L) ×175 (W) ×145 (H)
        Storage conditions?20℃~60℃ (-4℉~140℉)
        5%RH-80%RH(No condensation)
        DTZ-400 surface thermometer calibration system
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