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        DT Pro wireless temperature / humidity / pressure verification system

        DT Pro wireless temperature / humidity / pressure verification system

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        DT Pro wireless temperature / humidity / pressure verification system can be widely used in equipment verification and environmental monitoring in pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other industries. Compared with the traditional wired verification system, the probe can be conveniently and quickly arranged, and the detection point is physical constraints greatly improve verification efficiency.


        The system consists of a wireless recorder (temperature, humidity, pressure), a data reading workstation, and wireless verification software.

        The temperature recorder can effectively store 16000 pieces of data, and the temperature measurement accuracy is 0.1 ℃, which fully meets the needs of equipment and process verification in food and drug production enterprises and the verification needs in the fields of bioengineering, medical and transportation. The recorder uses replaceable batteries, with large power, low power consumption and long battery life. Adopt high pressure and waterproof design, can be used continuously for a long time in high pressure and high humidity environment.

        The data reading workstation is divided into a single-hole workstation and a 10-hole workstation. The universal USB serial port is used to connect to the computer, and data communication can be carried out conveniently, efficiently and safely.

        The software realizes data collection, data analysis and report generation, meets FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and supports electronic signature of documents. Support custom stages and verify each stage to generate stage verification report.


        ◇ Switch between Chinese and English versions at will;

        ◇ Comply with FDA 21CFRPart 11 regulations;

        ◇ With data audit tracking function, with three levels of authority (freely assignable authority);

        ◇ It has data statistical analysis functions, including large and small values, average value, span, temperature difference at the same time, F0 value test, etc., and can be freely selected according to needs.

        Application scenarios:

        The system can be applied to GMP pharmaceutical industry, GSP industry, biological industry, medical industry, food industry, transportation industry.

        GMPSteam sterilizer verification / water bath sterilizer verification, rubber plug washer verification / aluminum lid washer verification, freeze dryer verification / cryogenic refrigerator verification, constant temperature and humidity chamber verification / stability incubator verification
        GSPCold storage verification / refrigerated truck verification, refrigerator / incubator verification, cool storage / normal temperature storage verification
        BiologicalStirred fermentation tank verification, culture tank verification, process development data
        FoodPasteurization verification, sterilization tunnel verification, rotary freezer verification, blast freezer verification, cold room verification
        TransportCold chain process tracking, cabin temperature detection
        MedicalHigh temperature sterilization testing, steam sterilization testing, medical supplies testing

        Implemented procedures and specifications:

        Serial numberRegulation codeProcedure name
        1GBT 30690-2014The sterilization effect monitoring method and evaluation requirements of small pressure steam sterilizer
        2PDA TR1-2007Damp heat sterilization verification
        3JJF 1366-2012"Calibration Regulations for Temperature Data Collector"
        4JJF 1101-2003"Code for Calibration of Temperature and Humidity of Environmental Test Equipment"
        Related regulations"Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management Standards" (revised in 2015) "Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Production Verification" (2003 edition) FDA 21CFRPart11 Clause EN285-2006 (German Standard) EN554: 1994 (German Standard) HTM2010 (British Standard)

        Technical Parameters

        Temperature VerifierTemperature and humidity testerPressure Verifier
        ModelTDLATDLC(Flexible probe)MDLAPDLA
        Operating temperature-50 ~ 150 ° C (expandable to 400?C with heat insulation box)-50 ~ 150 ° C (expandable to 400?C with heat insulation box)-40~125°C-40~140°C
        (Absolute pressure)
        Accuracy±0.1°C±0.1°C±0.2°C±2.5% Full scale
        SensorPt100 Class 1/3 DINPt100 Class 1/3 DINTemperature: Pt100Strain
        Humidity: capacitive
        Capacity (recording points)64,00064,0008,0008,000
        Record frequency1 second to 18 hours1 second to 18 hours1 second to 18 hours1 second to 18 hours
        Battery Life36 months36 months12 months12 months
        Communication methodRS 485 ContactRS 485 ContactRS 485 ContactRS 485 Contact
        DT Pro wireless temperature / humidity / pressure verification system
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