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        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system

        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system

        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system

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        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system has 40 thermocouples or 20 thermal resistances and 12 humidity sensors. The accuracy is 0.01, which can display the power value and temperature and humidity value of each tested channel at the same time. It is a special instrument for inspection of temperature and humidity field. After connecting to the host computer, the same functions of the integrated multi-channel data collector can be achieved, including: automatic testing and analysis of temperature control deviation, temperature field, humidity field, uniformity, fluctuation, etc. of the heat treatment furnace, temperature (wet) environmental test equipment, testing standards, methods and specifications cover the national standard, military standard and various current specifications, easy to carry, easy to carry on-site monitoring work.


        1) The data collector uses an 8.0-inch LCD touch screen, and a capacitive touch screen is used to display its configuration and real-time data (including digital and curve dual display modes). There is no need for a PC on the job site, and the multi-channel data collector can independently complete the data collection and storage (data is stored to the U disk in real time). After the collection work is completed, the U disk is inserted into the computer to complete the automatic collection, storage, display and analysis of data.

        2) The system can use a variety of temperature measuring elements: thermocouples: S, R, B, K, N, E, J, T; thermal resistance: Pt100.

        3) Support 20 thermal resistance (or 40 thermocouples) and 12/13 humidity sensors, almost meet most of the application scenarios (multiple cabinets can be calibrated at the same time, saving valuable on-site testing time).

        4) External cold junction compensation processing. The DTZ-300 series temperature and humidity field automatic test system uses an external four-wire PT100 with accuracy better than 0.2 ℃ as the cold junction compensation of the thermocouple measurement channel.

        5) Simple and fast sensor connection method. DTZ-300 series temperature and humidity field automatic test system and sensor are connected by push-pull aviation socket, the contact resistance is less than 0.005Ω, which is simple, fast and guarantees the reliability and performance index of system connection.

        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system

        6) Sensors with special specifications are optional. The company can provide a variety of temperature sensors with special specifications to meet the needs of different occasions.

        7) Optional external lithium battery. According to customer needs, an external lithium battery with a working time of up to 12 hours can be selected.

        8) The software has a Chinese interface, simple and beautiful, and easy to operate. The system software can display the real-time temperature and humidity curves of each channel (thermocouple, thermal resistance). Different channel curves are represented by different color curves. The color of the curve can be modified at any time to intuitively reflect the temperature and humidity fluctuations of the measured object. . And record the measured data, can be exported to excel at any time as needed, query and print at any time.

        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system

        9) The system complies with the technical specifications of the national calibration specification "JJF1101-2003" and the opinion draft "JJF1101-2016" being revised. Automatically calculate temperature and humidity deviation, uniformity and fluctuation, generate original records that meet the requirements of national laboratory accreditation. The software provides templates and interfaces for original records, verification / calibration certificate modification, and facilitates modification. Reference point compensation and sensor calibration data correction are automatically performed.

        10) The system can be optionally configured with GPRS remote transmission module or ZigBee wireless communication module to realize wireless remote transmission of real-time data.

        11) In the thermocouple inspection mode, the temperature error at the reference terminal is better than 0.2 ° C, and the error between channels is better than 0.1 ° C. And meet the requirements of AMS2750E specifications for electrical measuring instruments.

        12) Easy-to-operate human-computer interaction interface. The system does not have any mechanical buttons except the power switch. The user can set the general setting parameters such as temperature sensor type, number of temperature sensor channels, number of humidity sensors, date, time, and collection interval through the touch screen.

        Computer software features:

        1) Inspection information management function: it can manage customer unit information and inspection equipment information without repeating data entry every year

        2) Simultaneous measurement of multiple devices: support the inspection instrument to detect multiple devices at the same time, independent data processing, improve detection efficiency

        3) Intelligent data selection: the collected data can be automatically analyzed to intercept available data

        4) Intelligent breakpoint continued inspection: support breakpoint continued inspection function, multiple detections of the same device, intelligent report synthesis

        5) Intelligent data management: intelligent management of historical inspection information inspection, quick query

        6) Real-time curve display: display the temperature and humidity information of each channel in real time and display it in the form of a curve

        7) Real-time status display: display the data of each channel in real time, mark the center point, fluctuation, uniformity, change rate, current detection progress, equipment status and other information

        8) Multi-procedure support: fully support the following procedures, "JJF1101-2003 Calibration Specifications for Temperature and Humidity Parameters of Environmental Equipment" "JJF1564-2016 Calibration Specifications for Temperature and Humidity Standard Chamber" "GBT9452-2012 Effective Heating Zone Measurement Method for Heat Treatment Furnace"

        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test systemDTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system

        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test systemDTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system

        Technical Parameters

        Product numberDTZ-300-ADTZ-300-B
        Product nameAutomatic test system for temperature and humidity fieldImported temperature and humidity data collector
        Number of thermocouple channels4040或40x2
        Number of thermal resistance channels2020或20x2
        Number of humidity channels12/13 
        Thermal resistance resolution0.001℃0.001℃
        Thermocouple resolution0.001℃0.001℃
        Measurement accuracy±0.05%0.01%
        OptionalLithium battery, wireless moduleIndependent research and development software system

        Implemented procedures and specifications:

        No.Standard codeStandard name
        1JJF1101-2019Specification for temperature and humidity calibration of environmental test equipment
        2GB/T9452-2012Method for measuring effective heating zone of heat treatment furnace
        3QJ1428-88Heat treatment furnace temperature control and measurement
        4GJB509B-2008Heat treatment process quality control requirements
        5HB5425-2012Method for measuring effective heating area of heat treatment furnace for aviation parts
        6GB/T5170-2008Inspection method of environmental test equipment for electrical and electronic products
        7HB6783-93Verification method of climate environment test chamber (room) for military airborne equipment
        8JB/T5520-91Dry box technical conditions
        9JJF1376-2012Calibration specification for box-type resistance furnace
        10JJF1564-2016Calibration specification for temperature and humidity standard box
        11AMS2750EHigh temperature measurement
        DTZ-300 temperature and humidity field automatic test system
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