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        TADT portable humidity generator

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        TADT portable humidity generator is a portable and high-precision temperature and humidity calibration instrument, which can meet the needs of measurement and calibration of conventional temperature and humidity measuring instruments such as temperature and humidity sensors, temperature and humidity transmitters, small temperature and humidity meters, etc.

        ?The test chamber space is (2~4) times that of the same product, and the test chamber of the same product is (2~4) L, this model standard test chamber volume 8 L, can be customized for customers alone extended test chamber volume can reach 12 L;

        ?The test chamber can accommodate various types of input cold mirror dew point probe, which is convenient for comparison and calibration;

        ?Combined sensor jack design, can be adapted to various diameter temperature and humidity sensors and transmitters;

        ?Can be calibrated at the same time (10~15) only small temperature and humidity probe;

        ?The test chamber provides temperature uniformity within 0.1℃ in the range of 5℃~50;

        ?External drying cylinder design, desiccant replacement in the state of on-line operation, convenient and simple;

        ?Two-zone drying cylinder design, supporting both molecular sieve and discoloration silica gel desiccant;

        ?Visual liquid level and dryer state display, conducive to the working process of state monitoring;

        ?The instrument has built-in humidity conversion software, which is convenient for users to convert relative humidity, temperature and dew point temperature;

        ?Support temperature and humidity curve display, easy for users to view the temperature and humidity state trend;

        ?7-inch color LCD touchscreen

        Temperature and humidity technical indicators

        Nominal range of humidity


        Nominal temperature range


        Limit temperature range


        Temperature stability


        Temperature uniformity

        ≤0.05℃(23±5℃) ≤0.1℃(5~50℃)

        Maximum allowable temperature error

        ±0.05℃(23±5℃) ±0.1℃(5~50℃)

        Humidity stability


        Humidity uniformity

        ≤1%RH(23±5℃) ≤1.5%RH(5~50℃)

        Maximum allowable error of relative humidity

        ±1%RH(23±5℃) ±1.5%RH(5~50℃)


        Molecular sieve or discolored silica gel (renewable)

        Saturated media

        Distilled or deionized water

        Test cavity size (length × width × height)


        Standar Type

        240 mm×185 mm×185 mm (approximately 8 L)

        Extension Type

        350 mm×180 mm×180 mm (approximately 12 L)

        Sensor Test Panel

        Modular design, support customized on demand

        Maximum opening diameter of test panel

        60 mm

        Maximum number of openings in test panels


        Communication interface


        General technical indicators

        Power requirements

        220VAC±10%   50Hz



        Temperature range






        Humidity range



        (0~85)% rh


        (0~100)% rh



        Size (length × width × height)

        550 mm ×300 mm ×600 mm

        TADT portable humidity generator
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