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        DTWL high precision temperature box

        DTWL high precision temperature box

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        DTWL high precision temperature box is a specially designed constant temperature box with air as the heat transfer medium. It has the technical characteristics of high temperature control accuracy, good uniformity of temperature field and small fluctuation. There are many temperature measuring instruments that cannot contact the liquid constant temperature source, and are not suitable for calibration in a constant temperature bath. The emergence of a high-precision temperature box solves the calibration problem of such instruments and fills the gap of the constant temperature source and provides a complete solution.


        ◇ Using constant temperature liquid bath technology, the temperature field is more constant

        Temperature control adopts liquid bath constant temperature and other plate heating technology. After the liquid medium is controlled to a constant temperature in the constant temperature bath, it is circulated to the outside of the working cavity. Through the heat radiation method, the temperature of the working cavity is constant and uniform. The cooling method has a qualitative leap in temperature indicators.

        ◇ Intelligent

        Integration of measurement technology and internet of things technology, wifi remote control, making measurement easier.

        High-definition touch screen control, multi-touch, greatly improve the user experience.

        One-key start, full automatic control, shorten the training period of measurement personnel.

        Timing switch machine, remote switch machine, save time and improve verification efficiency.

        ◇ Wide temperature range

        High-precision temperature box series products can provide constant temperature environment within the range of -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃

        Meet "JJF1407-2013 WBGT Index Meter Thermometer Calibration Regulations"

        Meet "JJF1366-2012 Temperature Data Acquisition Instrument Calibration Specification"

        ◇ High precision air bath constant temperature source

        Using high-precision temperature control sensor, with imported temperature control table did not achieve high-precision temperature control, low indication deviation

        ◇ Excellent quality

        The shell adopts thick plate phosphating, passivation, spraying, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, salt spray resistance;

        ◇ Liner adopts SUS304

        High-precision sensor, using imported high-precision platinum resistance sensor


        ◇ HD touch

        Using high-resolution capacitive screen, the display is clearer, multi-touch support, in line with customer mobile phone touch operation habits.

        ◇ Wifi control

        Mobile phone / pad remotely set the temperature, start and stop the device, read the current temperature value and fluctuation degree and other device status.

        ◇ Status prompt

        Real-time calculation and display of temperature fluctuation, prompt to reach stable state, U disk insertion detection, wifi connection prompt.

        ◇ Curve display

        Real-time display of temperature curve, support touch zoom and pan operation, one-click screenshot to save the curve to U disk.

        ◇ Data record

        The temperature data is automatically saved in xls format and exported to a USB flash drive with one click.

        ◇ Timing boot

        The system has the function of timing start-up, which can realize the equipment start-up before work, and start working immediately after work without waiting.

        ◇ Multi-point calibration

        It supports multi-point calibration of temperature and humidity sensors, and can perform multi-point corrections on temperature sensors and indications to ensure consistency with the standard.

        ◇ Segment control

        The temperature adopts the segmented PID control scheme, which is fast and stable, and "zero" overshoot.

        ◇ Speed regulation of fan

        The main circulation fan of the inner cavity adopts frequency conversion speed control, and the fan speed can be set through the touch screen.

        ◇ Multiple protection alarm

        Constant temperature bath overheat protection, liquid level alarm; compressor overheat alarm, start and stop protection function

        ◇ Communication expansion

        Equipped with network port, wifi interface, USB interface, RS-232 interface, can communicate with PC to realize data reading and system setting.

        Technical Parameters

        Temperature range-30℃~70℃-20℃~65℃-5℃~65℃
        MediumSpecial mediaSpecial mediaSpecial media
        Work area size620mm (L) × 780mm (W) × 500mm (H)
        Dimensions1000mm (L)×1400mm (W) ×1700 mm (H)
        DTWL high precision temperature box
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