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        Japan Shenrong Precision Dew Point Meter

        Japan Shenrong Precision Dew Point Meter

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        Japan Shenrong Precision Dew Point Meter technical Parameters

        Use environment range below 95% rh (no condensation)-10 ~ 60 ℃ (sensor part), 0 ~ 35 ℃ (host part)
        Dew point measurement range-40℃~60℃DP
        Sampling methodPumping
        Measurement itemsDew point. Frost point (C), dry bulb temperature (℃), absolute pressure (kPa), relative humidity (%), moisture content (PPMv, PPMw)
        Temperature accuracy±0.1℃
        Dew point accuracy±0.15℃
        Gas flow0.5~2.5L/min
        Reaction speed1.5℃/sec
        Temperature (optional)Pt100Ω 4-wire type
        Pressure (optional)4-20mA connected 2-wire pressure sensor
        OutputAnalog output2 channels DC 0 ~ 5V, 4 ~ 20mA (can be used at the same time), two items can be selected, contact output 100mA AC / DC
        RS232C output
        Alarm Output
        Operating temperature range0℃~60℃
        Working pressure range0~0.5MPa
        Measured gas IN-OUT1/4 inch compression fitting
        Supply voltageAC90~240V,50/60Hz
        Power consumption50W
        WeightSensing Department2.0kg
        Body part3.2kg
        Japan Shenrong Precision Dew Point Meter
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