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        DTBL671 Portable Blackbody Calibration Source

        DTBL671 Portable Blackbody Calibration Source

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        The DTBL671 is a small size blackbody calibration source utilizing a digital indicating temperature ambient 30℃ to 50℃ (86F to 122F). A 70x70 mm size ridged plate is heated or cooled with an internal solid state thermoelectric heat pump. It has a built-in digital temperature controller to provide accurate, stable temperature as well as to provides readout.



        Ambient temperature compensation for thermal image camera

        Test infrared thermometer



        0.05℃ high stabillity

        Calibrate from 30℃ to 50℃

        Quickly heat up to 50℃ in 10 minutes

        Target size is 70mm x 70mm

        Built-in temperature correction function

        Quick and easy operate

        Portable and light weight


        Temperature Range: 30℃ to 50℃ (32F to 122F)

        Aperture size: 70 mm * 70 mm

        Emissivity: 0.97 ± 0.02

        Display accuracy: ± 0.05℃, (uncertainty is 0.2℃, K=2)

        Display resolution: 0.01℃

        Control stability: ± 0.05℃ after 10 minutes

        Blackbody uniformity: ± 0.05℃

        Heat cavity shape: Plat Plate

        Heat up time: 10 minute from ambient to 50℃

        Control method: Digital PID controller with readout

        Temperature sensor: Precison platinum RTD

        Power supply: 110-220V AC, 50Hz, 60W

        Interface: RS232

        Dimension: 250mm(D) x 140mm(W)   x 180mm(H)

        Net weight: Appr. 2 kg

        DTBL671 Portable Blackbody Calibration Source
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