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        Digital precision pressure gauge

        Digital precision pressure gauge

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        Digital precision pressure gauge technical parameters

        Measuring range: -100kPa ~ 1kPa ~ 250MPa

        Accuracy: ± 0.02%, ± 0.05%, ± 0.1%, ± 0.2%, ± 0.5%

        Measuring medium: suitable for sapphire compatible pressure sensitive parts.

        Power supply: four 5th batteries

        Specification table of intelligent pressure gauge module:



        PPM-160-2 MPa0.02%F.S
        PPM-020-2.5 kPaPPM-170-2.5 MPa
        PPM-030-6 kPaPPM-180-4 MPa
        PPM-040-10 kPaPPM-190-6 MPa
        PPM-050-20 kPaPPM-200-10 MPa
        PPM-060-25 kPaPPM-210-16 MPa
        PPM-070-40 kPaPPM-220-20 MPa
        PPM-080-60 kPaPPM-230-25 MPa
        PPM-090-100 kPaPPM-240-30 MPa
        PPM-100-200 kPaPPM-250-40 MPa
        PPM-110-250 kPaPPM-260-60 MPa
        PPM-120-400 kPaPPM-270-80 MPa
        PPM-130-600 kPaPPM-280-100 MPa
        PPM-140-1MPaPPM-290-160 MPa
        PPM-150-1.6 MPaPPM-300-250 MPa
        Digital precision pressure gauge
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