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        DTR series heat pipe thermostat

        DTR series heat pipe thermostat

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        DTR series heat pipe thermostat is a new product developed by our company using heat pipe technology. The series of heat pipe constant temperature tanks use circulating liquid, which widens the constant temperature area and realizes automatic temperature control. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, high temperature control accuracy, and intuitive temperature reading. It is suitable for temperature measurement calibration in various measurement departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, meteorology, energy, environmental protection, medicine, measurement institutes, etc., and provides a constant temperature source of 50 ° C to 550 ° C. Mainly used for verification / calibration of various industrial thermal resistances, low temperature thermocouples, armored thermocouples, working glass liquid thermometers, standard mercury thermometers, bimetallic thermometers, pressure thermometers, transformer oil level / winding thermostats, etc.


        Fully sealed internal circulation, environmental protection, no odor, no pollution.

        No mechanical stirring, no noise, no need to add media.

        The temperature field has a wide range and a wide range of adaptation.

        Fast temperature rise and cooling, saving time.

        Patent number: ZL201320283122.7

        Product overview of high temperature salt bath:

        The DT20N high-temperature salt tank is a new product developed according to the requirements of the user for on-site verification. It has the same structure as the standard oil tank for laboratory use. It has an independent heating system, a stirring system, and an original temperature control imported from Japan up to level 0.1. The system provides users with accurate high-temperature heat sources, which is very suitable for industrial field and laboratory use.


        With 10 groups of P, I, D

        With self-tuning function, non-professionals can also easily operate.

        Steplessly adjustable stirring speed

        Technical Parameters

        Product nameHigh temperature salt bathHeat pipe thermostat
        Temperature range (℃)180~55050--300300~550
        Temperature fluctuation (≤ ℃ / 10min)±
        Horizontal temperature field uniformity (≤ ℃)≤
        Vertical temperature field uniformity (≤ ℃)≤
        Operating Voltage220VAC/ 50Hz
        Rated power (kW)
        RemarksCustomized liquid tanks with special media at 500 ℃ ~ 850 ℃, 850 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃
        DTR series heat pipe thermostat
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