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        DTS-300 constant temperature oil tank

        DTS-300 constant temperature oil tankDTS-300 constant temperature oil tank

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        Patented technology: The constant temperature oil tank has patented flameproof technology.


        DTS-300 constant temperature oil tank is the ideal temperature constant temperature equipment for verifying and calibrating various low temperature thermocouples, industrial thermal resistance, pressure thermometers, bimetal thermometers, glass liquid thermometers and other temperature sensors. The tank body adopts the structure of lateral stirring in the design. The technical indicators of the temperature field in the working area meet the technical requirements of the temperature uniformity and temperature fluctuation of the constant temperature tank. At the same time, this series of liquid constant temperature tanks have simple operation and convenient use. Etc.

        Technical Parameters

        Product nameConstant temperature oil tankConstant temperature water tank
        Temperature range70-300℃RT+10~95℃
        Working mediumSilicone oilSoft water, antifreeze
        Uniformity of temperature fieldLevel0.01℃0.01℃
        Temperature stability ℃ / 10min±0.007℃±0.007℃
        Work area sizeφ150×480φ150×480
        Volume (L)23
        Power (KW)33
        Dimensions (mm)


        Weight (Kg)9494
        Can be customized precision thermostat.
        DTS-300 constant temperature oil tank
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