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        DTZ-01S automatic verification system of noble metal thermocouple cable

        DTZ-01S automatic verification system of noble metal thermocouple cable

        DTZ-01S automatic verification system of noble metal thermocouple cable

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        The DTZ-01S automatic verification system of noble metal thermocouple cable is completely developed based on the thermocouple wire manufacturer's process flow. It is mainly used for precious metal platinum rhodium wire / platinum rhodium filament thermal emf measurement, paired platinum rhodium thermocouple calibration, standard platinum rhodium thermocouple verification , industrial precious metal thermocouple verification and calibration. The system controls the multi-channel low-potential scanner, digital multimeter, thermocouple verification furnace, high temperature furnace, palladium spot furnace and other equipment through the automatic verification system to fully automate the thermocouple wire and thermocouple measurement verification process. The system meets the requirements of relevant national standards, with excellent technology, rich functions and flexible configuration.

        Product feature

        ◇ Advanced technology:

        1. Optimize the design of multi-channel low-potential scanner without changing the wiring method, and perform bipolar method and polar method measurement of the same name at the same time.

        2. Upgrade the function of the precious metal automatic verification system, and exclusively support the simultaneous calibration of the bipolar method and the method of the same name. Users can check the results, analyze problems, and optimize the process through data comparison.

        3. Increase the high-temperature furnace full-automatic segment PID temperature control mechanism to accurately control the whole process of the high-temperature furnace low-temperature heating process to prevent current overload damage.

        4. Improve the temperature control function of the palladium spot furnace for platinum and rhodium filament measurement, linearly increase the temperature in strict accordance with national standards, and reproduce the palladium spot platform.

        ◇ Rich functions:

        1. Fully automatic measurement verification to achieve complete automation of temperature control, data monitoring, data collection, data processing, report generation and printing.

        2. The interface is rich in content, real-time display verification system operation information, standard couple temperature curve, verification / calibration point collection data

        3. Simulation verification function, the entire verification process is completed by software simulation, which can be used for software learning and demonstration.

        4. The software report template has perfect functions and strong adaptability, and can be customized and modified according to user needs.

        ◇ Flexible configuration:

        1. Support manual verification, users can achieve data collection through manual control to adapt to different business needs.

        2. Simultaneous thermoelectric potential measurement of 8 pieces / 10 positive poles and 8 pieces / 10 negative poles, with high speed and high efficiency.

        3. A variety of data collection methods can be selected to effectively use the positive and negative test data to eliminate system errors.

        4. Added the function of testing the uneven thermoelectric potential at the specified temperature point.

        DTZ-01S automatic verification system of noble metal thermocouple cable
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