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        DTZ-03 automatic simultaneous verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        DTZ-03 automatic simultaneous verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

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        The DTZ-03 automatic simultaneous verification system for thermocouple and thermistor is mainly used to automatically verify / calibrate various industrial thermocouples and industrial thermal resistances. The system completes the deep optimization of the underlying device communication mechanism through hardware design adjustments and software architecture upgrades. The industrial thermocouple and thermal resistance can be tested at the same time. In the verification software, the thermocouple verification and the thermal resistance verification run independently without interference with each other. Temperature control, monitoring, collection, and verification results can be automatically performed separately. The interface is friendly, the functions are comprehensive, and the operation is simple. By time-division multiplexing of digital meters and multi-channel low-potential scanners, the system can effectively reduce the cost of hardware equipment, improve the efficiency of thermocouple and thermal resistance verification, and have significant economic and social benefits.

        Technical Parameters

        Scanning switch parasitic potential<0.2μV
        Measurement repeatability≤1.0μV  3mΩ
        Difference value of inter-channel data acquisition≤0.5μV  1mΩ
        Number of verifiedThermocouple: 1-10;Thermocouple: 1-10
        Thermostatic performance of thermocouple verificationConstant temperatures ≤0.5℃/6min      Measure ≤0.1℃/min
        Thermostatic performance of thermostatic oil and water bathConstant temperatures ≤0.02℃/10min    Measure ≤0.01℃/min


        ◇ Automatically verify working thermocouples, industrial thermal resistances, etc. at the same time, 1-10 thermocouples / thermal resistances can be verified at one time.

        ◇ Auxiliary verification of glass liquid thermometers, bimetallic thermometers, pressure thermometers, etc., automatically performs data processing and generates record forms.

        ◇ It can automatically verify S, R, B, K, N, J, E, T, short S, short R, etc. working thermocouples; Pt10, Pt100, Cu50, Cu100, Pt-X (other resistance platinum Thermal resistance), Cu-X (other resistance copper thermal resistance) equal division number industrial thermal resistance.

        ◇ The integrated design of the system wiring station and the three-wire resistance converter can be compatible with the wiring of thermocouples, two-wire heating resistors, three-wire heating resistors, and four-wire heating resistors. Automatically complete the function switch between 2 internal leads and 1 internal lead when checking the three-wire heating resistance.

        ◇ The setting of the verification temperature point can use the default value of the regulation, or it can be set according to user requirements.

        ◇ Reference point processing can be compensated by freezing point thermostat or reference point temperature sensor automatic compensation. The temperature sensor at the reference end adopts A-level Pt100 platinum resistance, with stable reading and high measurement accuracy.

        ◇ Automatically generate verification data record form, verification certificate or verification result notification, verification record form can be exported and displayed in Excel, which is convenient for user operation. Forms and certificate formats can be designed according to user requirements.

        ◇ The data record is stored in the system hard disk, which can conveniently inquire the data record, and support to print out the verification data.

        ◇ With simulation verification function, the entire verification process is completed by software simulation, which can be used for software learning or demonstration.

        DTZ-03 automatic simultaneous verification system for thermocouple and thermistor
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