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        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

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        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor is an automatic verification equipment integrating computer technology, electronic technology and automatic test technology. The system is mainly used for automatic verification / calibration of primary and secondary temperature instruments. The system is controlled by computer with multi-channel low-potential scanner, digital multimeter, thermocouple verification furnace, constant temperature bath and other equipment to realize temperature control, data collection, data processing, report generation, data Fully automated storage and printing. The system functions and technical indicators fully comply with the relevant national verification regulations and implement the ITS-90 international temperature scale.


        Verification / Calibration FunctionIndexing NumberGradeNotes
        Standard ThermocoupleS、R、BClass I, and Class IIStandard thermocouple
        Thermocouple for WorkingS、R、Short S、Short RGrade I and IIPrecious metal thermocouple for working
        BGrade II and III 
        K, N, E, J, T, EA-2, etc.Grade 1, 2Base metal thermocouple for working
        WRe3-WRe25、WRe5-WRe26 Tungsten rhenium thermocouple for work
        Industrial ThermistorPt100、Pt10、Pt-X、Cu50、 Cu100、Cu-XAA、 A、 B 、C etc. GradeTwo-wire、three-wire, and four-wire system
        Temperature Transmitter0-10mA、4-20mA、1-5V With thermocouple and thermistor
        Precious Metal Thermocouple WireS、RStandard Grade (Class I and II), Grade I and IIPrevious metal thermocouple wire
        BStandard Grade (Class I and II), Grade I and II
        Platinum Rhodium Thermocouple WireS、R、B  
        Base Metal Thermocouple WireK、N、E、J、TGrade I, II, and IIIBase metal thermocouple wire
        Platinum Wire for Electrical Resistance ThermometerPt25、Pt100、Pt10Standard Grade (Class I and II), Grade A and BPlatinum wire for electrical resistance thermometer
        Expansion ThermometersStandard mercury-in-glass thermometer, liquid-in-glass thermometers for working, bimetal thermometer, and pressure type thermometer
        Secondary Temperature InstrumentsMoving-coil temperature indicator regulator, digital temperature indicating regulator, industrial process measurement recorder

        ◇ High-efficiency Working Mode

        1. Mixed verification function: the system can realize the mixed verification of base metal thermocouples with different index numbers in the same furnace.

        2. Group verification function: low-temperature thermocouples and thermal resistances can be verified in groups, and 10 groups (100 pieces) can be verified in a batch.

        3. Mandatory inspection function: the system can carry out quick and mandatory inspection according to user needs.

        4. The special positioning device for the verification furnace can quickly position the thermocouple and install the furnace to ensure the accuracy of the furnace installation position.

        5. Using advanced temperature control method, the constant temperature source has a fast heating speed and good stability effect, shortening the verification time and improving work efficiency.

        6. It can be upgraded to a multi-furnace group control system when the verification quantity is large.

        ◇ Complete Safety Mode

        1. Use imported intelligent instruments and software for double temperature control protection, and have over-temperature protection and power-off protection functions.

        2. Self-inspection and line-checking function: It can carry out humanized prevention and protection for the problems of standard and open wiring and reverse connection of the inspected wiring.

        3. The software supports multimedia sound alarm and prompt functions, allowing customers to personalize the alarm and prompt sounds of various events.

        4. A standard cabinet is adopted, and the power supply and signal control parts are processed in separate items to avoid the problem of signal interference.

        ◇ Flexible and Diversified Configuration

        1.Support multiple models of digital meter communication.

        2.Compatible with constant temperature sources from different manufacturers

        3.The thermocouple verification temperature point can use the default value of the regulation, or it can be set at any point according to customer requirements, such as 660.5 ℃.

        4.Reference point processing can be compensated by freezing point thermostat or reference point temperature sensor automatic compensation. The temperature sensor at the reference end adopts A-level Pt100 platinum resistance, which has stable reading and high measurement accuracy, which is convenient for correction. The correction value can be input into the software to improve the measurement accuracy.

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        ◇ Graphical Software Operation Platform

        1. The software can run perfectly in the Windows series operating system, with English/French/Chinese interface and simple operation.

        2. Rich display interface: real-time display verification data and temperature control curve, and can automatically track, display all the status information of all verification furnaces, constant temperature baths, standard devices, so that measurement personnel can control the operation of equipment in real time.

        3. Simulation verification function, the entire verification process is completed by software simulation, which can be used for software learning and demonstration.

        4. The software and hardware products have completely independent intellectual property rights, and the upgrade service is guaranteed, providing customers with a full range of services.

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        ◇ Modular Data Management Function

        With powerful data collection, data analysis and processing, report management, data query, equipment self-test and other functional modules. After the verification is completed, all the original data and verification certificates are automatically stored in the database. The user can query and print the original records and reports according to the condition query function, and has a memory function, which can directly call the detected information at the next verification time. .

        The system data backup function can adopt manual backup and automatic backup, which is convenient for measurement traceability.

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        ◇ Stable and Reliable Product Performance

        The company has passed the ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system certification and strictly implemented it. The products meet the national industry standards from raw material selection, production and processing to finished products. They are better than domestic regulations and also meet the requirements of "AMS 2750E high temperature measurement".

        ◇ Software Secondary Development Function

        Users can design forms and certificate formats according to requirements.

        The software can be customized and modified according to the user's needs on the existing basis, and provide relevant interfaces to realize the secondary development of the software to meet the user's own needs.

        ◇ Multi-channel low potential scanner

        Adopt a fully sealed low-potential scanning switch driven by a stepper motor. The switch substrate uses a large area of silver-covered material, which is dust-proof, wear-resistant, and oxidation-resistant; the terminal is made of pure copper material of the same batch. To ensure the long-term parasitic potential ≤ 0.2μV.

        It contains a four-wire reversing switch, which can effectively eliminate the influence of the parasitic potential in the measurement loop on the measurement result through the unique forward and reverse measurement switching function.

        Using color touch screen and built-in user guide, customers can inquire the system's operating instructions at any time without having to read the user manual, including functions such as thermocouple and thermal resistance detection wiring; real-time display of  the location and status of the standard and the checked channel, the position of the standard and the tested channel can be switched,and can be manually verified when it is separated from the upper computer.

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        ◇ Integrated Junction Board

        The integrated design of the system terminal block and the three-wire resistance converter is compatible with the wiring of thermocouples, two-wire heating resistors, three-wire heating resistors, and four-wire heating resistors. Automatically complete the measurement function switch between 2 inner leads and 1 inner lead when the three-wire heating resistance is checked.

        ◇ Uncertainty analysis software

        Uncertainty analysis software is a software that analyzes and calculates the uncertainty. It can calculate the uncertainty of the DTZ-01 thermocouple, thermal resistance automatic identification system, or other thermocouple thermal resistance automatic verification systems, and can customize the component calculation. Synthesize uncertainty and extended uncertainty, and be able to export the results.

        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor

        ◇ Free professional temperature scale conversion software

        It can realize the conversion of temperature units; the conversion of the temperature value and the potential value of the working thermocouple (including WRe3 and WRe5), and can calculate the differential thermoelectric potential; the conversion of the industrial thermal resistance temperature value and resistance value, and can calculate the differential thermal resistance; According to the standard certificate, calculate the potential value of the standard couple 300-1300 degrees celsius and the conversion of the potential value and the temperature value within the range; according to the standard certificate value, the standard thermal resistance is calculated from the resistance value or the temperature value; the wet and dry bulb humidity conversion; heat transfer coefficient conversion; heat transfer speed conversion; power unit, pressure unit, diffusion coefficient, length unit, area unit, surface tension, speed unit, force unit, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, energy unit conversion.

        Technical Parameters

        Multichannel scanning of parasitic potential in switch≤0.2μV
        Difference value of inter-channel data acquisition≤0.5μV  1mΩ
        Repeatability measurement≤1.0μV  3mΩ
        Thermostatic performance of thermocouple verificationConstant temperature ≤0.5℃/6min, and measurement ≤0.1℃/min
        Thermostatic performance of thermostatic oil and water bathConstant temperature ≤0.02℃/10min, and measurement ≤0.01℃/min
        Compensation range of thermocouple reference end0℃-50℃

        The verification procedures performed by this system are as follows:

        No.Regulation (Specifications) CodeName of Procedure (Specifications)
        1JJG75-1995Regulation for Verification of Standard Platinum-Rhodium 10 - Platinum Thermocouple
        2JJG141-2013Verification regulations for precious metal thermocouples for work
        3JJF1637-2017Low-cost metal thermocouple calibration procedures
        4JJG668-1997Verification regulations for platinum-rhodium 10-platinum and platinum-rhodium 13-platinum short thermocouples for work
        5JJG368-2000Verification regulations for copper-copper-nickel thermocouples for work
        6JJG229-2010Verification Regulations of Industrial Platinum and Copper Thermal Resistance
        7JJF1262-2010Calibration Specification for Armored Thermocouple
        8JJF1176-2007(0-1500 ℃) Calibration specification for tungsten-rhenium thermocouple
        9JJF1098-2003Calibration Specification for Thermocouple and Thermal Resistance Automatic Measurement System
        10JJG130-2011Verification Regulation of Glass Liquid Thermometer for Work
        11JJG161-2010Verification Regulation of Standard Mercury Thermometer
        12JJG310-2002Verification Regulation of Pressure Thermometer
        13JJG226-2001Verification Regulation of Bimetal Thermometer
        14JJF1184-2007Technical specification for temperature field test of thermocouple verification furnace
        15JJF1030-2010Specification for technical performance test of constant temperature bath
        16JJF1183-2007Temperature transmitter calibration specifications
        17AMS2750EHigh temperature measurement
        DTZ-01 automatic verification system for thermocouple and thermistor
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