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        DTZ-02A standard coupled group furnace thermocouple and thermal resistance verification system

        DTZ-02A standard coupled group furnace thermocouple and thermal resistance verification system

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        The DTZ-02A standard group furnace thermocouple and thermal resistance verification system is mainly used to automatically verify / calibrate various standard thermocouples. The system completes the deep optimization of the underlying device communication mechanism through hardware design adjustment and software architecture upgrade control 1-10 verification furnaces, each verification furnace can verify 1-10 thermocouples at a time, which can meet the requirements of verification of large batch of standard thermocouples in a short time. The system adopts a number of technological innovations of the company, and its software and hardware are independently developed by the company and have completely independent intellectual property rights.

        Product features

        1. The verification system can be used for automatic verification / calibration of standard thermocouples / noble metal thermocouples with different index numbers of S, R and B.

        2. The system can simultaneously control 1 to 10 thermocouple verification furnaces, and can simultaneously verify 10 to 100 standard thermocouples / noble metal thermocouples with different index numbers.

        3. No manual intervention is required during the verification process. Realize the complete automation of functions such as controlling temperature, data detection, data processing, generating various verification reports, storage and database management during the verification process.

        4. The temperature control system adopts imported intelligent PID regulator with RS485 communication function as the temperature controller. The advanced expert PID algorithm is adopted to effectively prevent overshoot during temperature control.

        5. The software runs independently. It is compatible with low-temperature thermostats and thermostatic oil baths. Thermocouples with different indexing numbers are used for normal communication, control, and collection during the verification process.

        6. The system has a mixed verification function, which can realize the mixed verification of standard thermocouples with different index numbers in the same furnace.

        7. The ITS90 international temperature scale conversion software can be provided: through the mobile phone APP, universal thermocouples, industrial thermal resistances, standard platinum resistances, and temperature transmitters can be easily converted into electricity values and temperatures; the PC can realize the conversion of temperature units; Working thermocouple (including WRe3 and WRe5) temperature value and electric potential value conversion, and can calculate differential thermoelectric potential; industrial thermal resistance temperature value and resistance value conversion, and can calculate differential thermal resistance; according to standard certificate calculation standard couple 300 -The potential value of 1300 degrees celsius and the conversion of the potential value and the temperature value within the range; according to the standard certificate value, the standard thermal resistance is calculated from the resistance value or the temperature value; the wet and dry bulb humidity conversion; heat transfer coefficient conversion; Conversion of heat transfer speed; conversion of power unit, pressure unit, diffusion coefficient, length unit, area unit, surface tension, speed unit, force unit, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, energy unit.

        The verification system meets the requirements of relevant regulations such as JJF1098-2003 "Calibration Specification for Thermocouple and Thermal Resistance Automatic Measurement System".

        DTZ-02A standard coupled group furnace thermocouple and thermal resistance verification system
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