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        DTS-CT300 Intelligent Precision Thermostatic Bath

        DTS-CT300 Intelligent Precision Thermostatic BathDTS-CT300 Intelligent Precision Thermostatic Bath.jpg

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        Patented technology: The constant temperature oil tank has patented flameproof technology.


        DTS-CT intelligent precision thermostatic bath is a new type of intelligent thermostat introduced by our company. It adopts touch screen control and operation, completely intelligent man-machine interface, and the control is more convenient, simple and practical. A dual-cavity side stirring technology is used in the structure to make the constant temperature bath reach the ideal uniform temperature field through intelligent PID adjustment, which can meet the verification / calibration work of various temperature sensors such as low temperature thermocouples, industrial thermal resistors, pressure thermometers, bimetallic thermometers, glass liquid thermometers, etc.

        Product characteristics

        1、Intelligent Manipulation

        Large touch screen control, intelligent man-machine interface, multi-function display window, control more intuitive, simple and fast;

        2、Slope heating

        The temperature control rate is adjustable, the heating rate is set according to the actual verification or calibration, and the temperature rise is uniform, which meets the verification / calibration of various temperature switches.

        3. Volatility tips

        Wave motion of 10 or 1 min can be displayed, the fluctuation can be calculated automatically, and the temperature is judged intuitively.

        4. Intelligent rehydration

        The automatic rehydration function can be set up, and the oil transportation system can complete the rehydration function after starting, so as to avoid the safety and unstable factors caused by the reduction of liquid level.

        5. Intelligent mixing

        At room temperature, without starting temperature control, the control system automatically closes the stirring motor, prolongs the service life of the equipment and reduces noise.

        6. Double sensor overheating protection

        Built-in hardware and software dual protection, using dual sensors to monitor the operation process.

        Hardware overheating protection, completely separated from the main control system independent operation, overtemperature automatic power cut off, more safe and reliable.

        7. Precision temperature control

        Adopt imported AA level temperature control sensor and variable parameter temperature control algorithm to ensure the maximum rate "zero" overshoot stability at different temperature points.

        8. Excellent stability and uniformity of temperature field

        Special structure, blocking stage heat insulation treatment, intelligent adjustment of stirring speed, advanced adaptive control algorithm, so that the constant temperature bath has excellent temperature field stability and temperature field uniformity;

        9. Multipoint calibration

        Adopt multi-point calibration algorithm to realize built-in standard and precision temperature measurement.

        10. Communication function

        Support USB 、WIFI、WLAN、 serial communication function;

        11. Curves show free scaling

        Real-time curve display, support multi-touch, free scaling function;

        12. Ergonomic design

        The intelligent temperature control instrument adopts three-axis mechanical cantilever installation, the angle length is adjusted at will, does not occupy the slot table space, is convenient to operate;

        13. Composite thermal insulation design

        A variety of insulation materials, composite insulation design, limiting internal heat spillover.

        14. Oil pollution prevention design

        The countertop is designed with an integrated operating table, and the built-in overflow loop prevents the liquid medium from flowing to the bath table, and the removable stirring motor cover is convenient to clean up the oil pollution quickly.

        Technical parameters of intelligent constant temperature bath:


        Product name

        Constant temperature bath



        Temperature range


        Working medium

        Silicone oil

        Uniformity of horizontal temperature field


        Uniformity of vertical temperature field


        Temperature fluctuation :℃/10 min


        Work area dimensions


        Volume :(L)


        Maximum power :(KW)


        Dimensions :(mm)


        Quality :(Kg)


        DTS-CT300 Intelligent Precision Thermostatic Bath
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