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        DTZ-300BX intelligent temperature and humidity inspection instrument


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        Product Overview:

        DTZ-300BX intelligent temperature and humidity inspection instrument is a special instrument for temperature and humidity field testing. It is mainly used in the detection and calibration of temperature and humidity parameters of environmental test equipment such as constant temperature and humidity chambers, high and low temperature test chambers, drying boxes, heat treatment furnaces, annealing furnaces, etc. . Equipped with special testing software, it can automatically test and analyze the parameters such as temperature and humidity uniformity, temperature and humidity fluctuation, temperature and humidity deviation of environmental test equipment. As a new generation of intelligent temperature and humidity inspection instrument, DTZ-300BX fully considers the user's use scene, and the size of the collector is reduced to (178×148×77) mm, which further improves the portability of the instrument. The test standards, methods and specifications based on it cover national standards, military standards and various current specifications.

        Function & Features:

        Small and portable

          The structure and appearance of the new generation of intelligent temperature and humidity inspection instrument are redesigned and optimized. The lightweight aluminum structure is adopted to greatly reduce the volume of the instrument, which is reduced to (178×148×77) mm. It is anti-seismic and anti-fall, making it more convenient to carry.

        Easy to operate human-computer interface

        The 5-inch IPS intelligent capacitive touch screen is adopted to realize the configuration of the inspection instrument and the display of real-time data. The system has no mechanical keys except the power switch and lock screen key. Users can set conventional setting parameters such as the type of temperature sensor, the number of temperature sensor channels, the number of humidity sensors, date, time, and collection interval through the touch screen.

        Convenient data collection

        There is no need to support PC in the work site. The multi-channel data collector can independently complete the data collection and storage, and the data can be stored to the U disk in real time. After the collection, the U disk can be inserted into the computer to complete the data display and analysis. Start and stop data collection can be manually selected, and the file name of storage can be edited. With the function of temperature correction, it supports the introduction and preservation of temperature point correction in each channel.

        Common channels ensure basic applications and extend functions to meet special needs

        The host of the temperature and humidity detector supports 10 channels of temperature sensor and 5 channels of humidity sensor. The host has the function of channel expansion. After expansion, it can support 20 thermocouples or 20 thermal resistors, and 10 channels of humidity sensor. It can almost meet most application scenarios, and can carry out the calibration of multiple boxes at the same time, saving the valuable time of on-site inspection.

        Large capacity lithium battery power supply

        Built-in large capacity rechargeable lithium battery power supply for the system, the instrument adopts low power consumption design, so that the inspection instrument has a long operation and standby time. Charging interface is Type C interface with strong versatility, which can get rid of the dilemma of no power supply on site.

        Simple and fast connection

        The connection method uses cylindrical plug and pull self-locking connector, the connection is simple and fast, and the virtual connection of the sensor is avoided. Small space, and ensure the reliability of system connection and performance indicators.

        The system supports a variety of temperature measuring components

        Including thermocouple: S, R, B, K, N, E, J, T; Thermal resistance: Pt100. The company can provide a variety of special specifications of temperature sensors to meet the needs of different occasions.

        External cold end compensation processing

        DTZ-300BX series temperature and humidity field automatic test system adopts the external four-wire PT100 with accuracy better than 0.2℃ as the cold end compensation of the measuring channel of the thermocouple. In the thermocouple patrol mode, the compensation temperature error at the reference end is better than 0.2℃, and the inter-channel error is better than 0.1℃. And meet the requirements of AMS2750E specification for electrical measuring instruments.

        Features of software:



        1. Inspection information management function

        It can manage the information of the client's unit and the equipment to be inspected, without the need to enter data repeatedly every year.

        2. Simultaneous measurement of multiple devices

        Support the inspection instrument to detect multiple inspected devices at the same time, and the data is processed independently to improve the inspection efficiency.

        3. Intelligent data selection

        Among the collected data, the available data is automatically analyzed and intercepted.

        4. Intelligent breakpoint resuming inspection

        Support breakpoint resumable inspection function, multiple inspections of the same device, intelligent synthesis of reports.

        5. Intelligent data management

        Intelligent management of historical inspection information and quick query.

        6. Real-time curve display

        Real-time display of temperature and humidity information of each channel, and display it in the form of a curve.

        7. Real-time status display

        Real-time display of the data of each channel, marking the center point, volatility, uniformity, rate of change, current detection progress, equipment status and other information.


        Technical indicators

        General technical indicators


        Technical indicators


        178 mm×148 mm×77 mm (excluding foot mats 69)


        kg <3

        Battery type

        Voltage 4.2 V, Capacity 10200 mAh


        Design hours >15-20 hours


        5-inch capacitive touch screen ,480×854

        Working temperature


        Working humidity

        RH ≤80 per cent

        Measurement of temperature and humidity


        Scope of measurement



        Four wire platinum resistance: Pt100




        Thermocouple: S、R、B、K、N、E、J、T type




        High Precision Humidity Sensor




        Rules and norms of execution


        Standard code

        Standard name



        Specification for calibration of temperature and humidity of environmental test equipment



        Determination of Effective Heating Area in Heat Treatment Furnace



        Temperature Control and Measurement of Heat Treatment Furnace



        Quality Control Requirements for Heat Treatment Process



        Method for Determination of Effective Heating Area in Heat Treatment Furnace of Aviation



        Inspection Methods of Environmental Testing Equipment for Electrical and Electronic Products



        Verification method of climate environment test box (room) for military airborne equipment


        J B/T5520-91

        Technical conditions for drying boxes



        Calibration Specification for Box Type Resistance Furnace



        Calibration Specification for Temperature and Temperature Standard Box



        High temperature measurements

        DTZ-300BX intelligent temperature and humidity inspection instrument
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